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Agricultural Instruments


Digital Soil Moisture Meter

Soil Moisture Meter Soil moisture content measurement Range : 0 to 50 % moisture content Heavy duty probe probe length: 20 cm Meter build test probe, all in one, easy operation. Hold,[…]

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Digital Seed Counter

Digital Seed Counter Suitable for fast and accurate counting of seeds. Seed Size :0.5 mm to 15 mm 16 x 2 line alphanumeric LCD Display No. of Seeds in one batch upto[…]

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Direct Soil EC Meter

Direct Soil EC Meter Instant and accurate direct EC measurement Direct Soil EC Meter Professional-grade meter No need to prepare samples – simply sample through the profile Patented paired sensor tip provides[…]

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ORP Meter

ORP Meter ORP (oxidation reduction potential, also known as redox) measurement is used to indicate the presence of oxidizing or reducing conditions in water. This technology has gained recognition worldwide and is[…]

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Dissolved Oxygen Meters

This heavy duty dissolved oxygen meter is ideal for testing water, in labs, industrial and municipal waste water, aquariums, fish hatcheries, and environmental applications. Displays dissolved oxygen (mg/l), oxygen in air (%),[…]

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Waterproof Chlorine Meter

Waterproof Chlorine Meter Direct reading of total chlorine for fast and easy measurement  Chlorine Meter Direct reading of total chlorine for fast and easy measurements Use dissolved in-solution reagent tablets for direct[…]

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Scope CAM2

Scope CAM2 View images in the field with a portable camera/scope. The 2 megapixel IPM Scope CAM2 allows you to capture high resolution pictures and videos in the field Scope CAM2 View[…]

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IR temp Meter

IR Temp Meter Infrared technology makes difficult measurements fast, easy and affordable An excellent tool for measuring the temperature of turf and plant canopies Use selectable laser pointer to identify target spot[…]

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Lightscout Quantum Meter

LightScout Quantum Meters Measure the light used for plant growth. PAR is a more valuable measurement than foot-candles as it measures only the light used by plants for photosynthesis.     Measures photosynthetically[…]

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Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Meter The SPAD 502 Plus Chlorophyll Meter instantly measures chlorophyll content or “greenness” of your plants to reduce the risk of yield-limiting deficiencies or costly overfertilizing. The SPAD 502 Plus quantifies[…]

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