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Civil Construction Equipments


Gang Mould (Three Gang) GMTG VT-135

Gang Mould (Three Gang) BS 1881-108 Moulding of 40mm, 50mm, 100mm specimens. Manufactured from Mild Steel / Cast Iron / Bronze and supplied complete with base plate

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Cone Penetrometer for Mortar CPMFM VT 126

Cone Penetrometer for Mortar IS 2250-1965 For determining the consistency of masonry mortar Consists of a movable bearing rod to which a cone 145mm. Long and 75mm dia at a base is[…]

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Cement Mortar Mixer CMM VT 121

Cement Mortar Mixer IS : 4031,1727 It is used for mixing cement pastes, mortars and pozzolanas. Specification: The apparatus consists of an epicyclic type stainless steel paddle imparting both planetary and revolving[…]

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Lab. Concrete Mixer (Manually) LCM VT 138

Lab. Concrete Mixer (Manually) Our hand operated concrete mixers are easy to operate. Durable in quality and requiring low maintenance cost, our machines are widely used in construction of buildings, houses, road[…]

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Compaction Factor Apparatus CFA VT 122

Compaction Factor Apparatus IS 1199, 5515. & BS 1881-103 The apparatus is used for determining the work ability of fresh concrete, provided the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38mm.[…]

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Slump Test Apparatus STA VT 142

Slump Test Apparatus As Per IS 1199, IS 7320 Specification : The slump cone in these slump test apparatus is filled with freshly mixed concrete and tamped with a tamping rod in[…]

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Ve Bee Consistometer VBCM VT 143

Ve Bee Consistometer IS 1199 & BS EN 12350. The instrument is used for work ability as well as consistency of fresh concrete. A slump Cone and a graduated rod supplied with[…]

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Flow Table (Motorized)-SL-CC-072

Flow Table (Motorized)-SL-CC-072 IS 5512 & BS 4551-1 Same as above but electrically operated. Fitted with a motor, connected to the cam shaft through a reduction gear to give approximately 100 R.P.M.[…]

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Flow Table: IS 5512 & BS 4551 FT VT 128

Flow Table: IS 5512 & BS 4551-1-SL-CC-071 This used for measuring the consistency of pozzolana and also cement mortar and hydrated lime. Specification : It consists of a machined brass table top[…]

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Flow Table (Motorized)-SL-CC-070

Flow Table (Motorized)-SL-CC-070 IS 1199, ASTM C-124, AASHTO-T-120 Same as above but electrically operated to raise and drop the table top, approx. 15 times in 15 seconds, Suitable for operation on 230[…]

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