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Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

Uses : For determination of resistance to wear of coarse aggregate by abrasion Specifications: A rolled steel drum totally closed except for removable dust-tight cover is connected to stub shaft Mounted on[…]

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Swell Test Apparatus

Swell Test Apparatus is designed to determine the swelling pressure developed by a soil specimen molded to desired densities at known moisture contents, when soaked in water. Features: The load applied to[…]

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Double Disc Metallurgical Polishing Machine

We offer premium quality range of Double Disc Metallurgical Polishing Machine extensively used for polishing metallography samples. Procured from our reliable vendors these are provided with double disc, driven by high torque[…]

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Heat Transfer in Natural Convection Apparatus

Heat Transfer in Natural Convection Apparatus setup consists of a brass tube fitted in a rectangular duct in a vertical fashion.The duct is open at the top and bottom, and forms an[…]

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Universal Governor Apparatus

The drive unit consists of a DC electric motor connected through belt and pulley arrangement. Motor and test set up are mounted on a M.S. fabricated frame. The governor spindle is driven[…]

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Motorized Gyroscope

The figure shown the Motorized Gyroscope consisting of a disc rotor mounted on a horizontal shaft which rotates in the ball bearings of the horizontal frame about XX axis. Experiments: Experimental justification[…]

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Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

Specifications: Aim : To balance the given masses statically by drawing force polygon and couple force polygon and dynamically by trial and error method on a shaft Apparatus : Shaft mounted in[…]

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Motorized Soil Trimmer

Special Features: Consists of a base with a knife support The platform supporting the specimen ring rotates slowly driven by a fractional H.P Motor with reduction gear housed inside the base The[…]

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Direct Shear Apparatus

Features: Loading Unit: Vertical load, capacity 8 kg/sq. cm Load is applied either directly or through a counter balanced detachable lever Provision is made for the load for the applied either through[…]

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Laboratory Pulverizer

The Laboratory Pulverizer is a disc type grinder designed for grinding virtually any material to produce a fine mesh sample in one operation. The pulverizer is adopted for use in assay offices,[…]

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