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Industrial Testing Instruments

force gauge

Force Gauge- 5000 G

Specifications: Measure Capacity: 5000 g/176.40 oz/49.03 Newton Resolution: 1 g 0.05 oz/0.01 Newton Accuracy: +(0.4% + 1d), within 23 + 5 C

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Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus

Used for determination of combustion of heat of calorific value of the fuel & other organic material. Designed as per specification of Institute of Petroleum BS 1016 standard IS no. 1350/1966 Supplied[…]

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high meter

High Temperature Infra Red Thermometer

Specifications: Measuring Range ==-50° C to + 1600° C Spectral Response== 8-14 um Response Time ==Less Than 1 Second Display ==LCD with back lighting Display resolution ==0.1° C D:S Ratio ==50:1. has[…]

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Surface Roughness Tester

Surface Roughness Tester Special Features : Applicable in production site, laboratory and workshop in factory Easy operation menu and large LCD display The sensor sliding along the surface by driving the mechanism[…]

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Universal Calibrator

Universal Calibrator Applications: For calibration of Process Instruments and Systems for various industries such as Cement, Chemicals, Dye stuff, Paints, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Paper, Glass, Food Industries, Steel, Synthetics, Automobiles, Air conditioning[…]

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Lux Meter

Lux Meter Lux Meter, Measures Illumination with 3 Ranges. Ranges from 0 – 50 000 Lux. LCD display and Low Battery Indication. Features: 3 ¾ digital multimeter 4000 counts with bar graph[…]

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Ferrous & Non Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge The coating thickness gauges work either on the magnetic induction principle or on the eddy current principle, depending on the type of probe used. You[…]

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Digital Infrared Thermometer NI

Digital Infrared Thermometer NI Features: Auto Power OFF High and Low Alarm Trigger Lock White backlit LCD display Over range indication Max, Min, DIF, AVG record Adjustable Emissivity Type K temperature measurement[…]

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Digital ELCB Tester

Digital ELCB Tester Specifications: Model 1810 – EL Model 2820 – EL & 2821 – EL Voltage 230V AC + 15% Trip Current Range 0-1A at 317V (Auto Range Programmable) Current Adjustable[…]

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Electromagnetic Field Tester

Electromagnetic Field Tester

Electromagnetic Field Tester Item Code: EMF-822A Specifications: 3.½ Digit LCD display Range: Two Function, Micro Tesla and milligauss : 20 micro Tesla x 0.01 micro Tesla/200 mil Gauss x 0.1 mil Gauss[…]

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