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Laboratory Instruments


Formaldehyde Analyzer

NPS offers a high performing range of Formaldehyde Analyzer, which is manufactured for different application and is available in specific configurations. Formaldehyde Analyzer, we manufacture is suitable for the measurement of formaldehyde[…]

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Fatty Acid Tester

Fatty Acid Tester we manufacture holds a huge demand in Global market. Sample free fatty acids in the edible oil is nothing but the acidity of the oil (pH of the oil).[…]

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Wall Mounted PH Indicator

Product Details: Product Name: Wall Mounted PH Indicator with 4-20 mA TX Category: PH and ORP indicators controllers Sub Category: PH and ORP Indicators Specifications: Display 3½ Digit LCD Range PH 0[…]

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Calibration Solution for Turbidity Meter

The HANNA Calibration Standard for Turbidity Meter calibration solutions are produced according to the AMCO AEPA-1 standards, at 0, 10, 20 and 500 FTU.They are preferred to the formalize based standards, as[…]

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Tester with BNC Cap No electrode

PH Tester with BNC Cap No electrode

At the cost of just a few rolls of litmus paper, you can have the industry’s best pocket-size pH tester. The Checker B supplies you with fast and accurate readings from 0.00[…]

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ORP Mini Controller

ORP Mini Controller for panel mounting, specially designed for swimming pools and spas. Thanks to its compact size, can be installed in small spaces. BL is the ideal solution for those who[…]

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Variable Flow Rate Dosing Pump

Blackstone’s positive displacement solenoid driven pumps use a minimum number of moving parts, therefore reducing the chance of mechanical failure. Part wear and oiling associated with motor driven pumps (ball-bearings, gear drives[…]

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Dual Limits & Dual Alarms PH Controller

Features: PH Controller is panel mounted DIN size instrument with 3½ Digit LCD Indicates pH when attached to a pH electrode. The membrane key pad MODE SWITCH in front allows indication of[…]

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Portable Dissolve Oxygen Meter

Specifications: Range: 0.0~19.9 mg/l Resolution: 0.1 mg/l Accuracy: +1.5% Full Scale Temperature Compensation: Automatic from 0~300C Calibration: Manual on 2 Points (Zero and Slope) 3½ LCD Display with Symbol Probe: MA840 (Included)

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Budget Portable Turbidity Meter

The Budget Portable Turbidity Meter is a simple to use, robust instrument designed for use in both the lab and in the field. Order Information: Supplied complete with glass covet Batteries and[…]

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