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Soil Testing Instruments

Standard Test Sieves

Standard Test Sieves IS :460 (Par t-I, II) 1978 Test Sieves is a common laboratory requirement. Sieves are used for sieving of chemical powders, medical powders, aggregate, sand soil and cement etc.[…]

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Plate Bearing Test


Plate Bearing Test (SL-GT-092) IS 1888 1962, ASTM D 1194, BS 13779 This is for estimating the bearing capacity of shallow foundations in situ and for the design of flexible pavement. In[…]

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Wet Sieve Shaker Hand Operated


Wet Sieve Shaker, Hand Operated (SL-GT-090) It consists of a mot or with reduction gear box mounted at the top of the reservoir. The sieve holder, capable of accommodating seven sieves of[…]

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ROTAP Sieve Shaker


‘ROTAP’ Sieve Shaker (SL-GT-088) To make process of sieving simpler and quicker, Rotap sieve shaker is useful , this produces circular shaking of the sieves. At the same time the sieves are[…]

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GYRATORY Sieve Shaker


GYRATORY’ Sieve Shaker (SL-GT-087) Carries upto 7 sieves of 200mm or 300m, 450mm diameter. The shaker is driven by a ¼ H.P. Motor through a reduction gear immersed in oil. The sieve[…]

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Sieve Shaker


Sieve Shaker Sieve Shakers, hand operated or motorized, have been designed to provide a standard sieving action for perfect and quick sieving of soil and other engineering materials. The motorized unit save[…]

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Load Truss 20 Ton Capacity


Load Truss 20 Ton Capacity (SL-GT-083) IS 1888 1962, ASTM D 1194, BS 13779 The truss is of welded 1- girder construction in two halves which can be bolted together when required.[…]

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In-situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus


In-situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus (SL-GT-082) IS 4434 This apparatus is designed for conducting in-situ Vane hear test from the bottom of bore hole in saturated cohesive deposits, for determining their in-place[…]

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Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus


Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus (SL-GT-080) IS 2720 (XXX)-1968 BS 1377. Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated by a drive wheel to enable the[…]

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Dynamic Cone Penetration Test


Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (SL-GT-079) The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) is used for rapid in-situ measurement of the structural properties of exsisting road pavement constructed with unbound materials.The unit incorporates an 8[…]

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