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Textile Testing Instruments

Textile Stroboscope TS VT 251

Textile Stroboscope

Textile Stroboscope We have an extensive range of industrial stroboscope for RPM measurement as well as for freeze motion study. A number of Stroboscope models are offered to suit technical and commercial[…]

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Static Charge Meter SCM VT 252


As the requirements for static protection and control have grown in recent years so has the need of measurement equipment to monitor static charge. Location and measurement is the first step to[…]

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Twist Tester TT VT 253


To determine yarn twists in single or plied yarns with autostop and reverse for conventional or untwist / retwist methods. Test length adjustable upto 50 cm / 20 inches for S &[…]

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Fabric Tensile Strength Tester FTST VT 254


Fabric Tensile Strength Tester This instrument is a robust motor driven floor model machine which records breaking strength and elongation at break point with graph facility. This machine works on a dead[…]

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Fabric Thickness Gauge


Fabric Testing Instrument determines the thickness of jari, yarn, fabric, paper, and film samples etc accurately. In Fabric Thickness Gauge, the fabric whose thickness is to be determined is kept on a[…]

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Digital Anemometer


Displays Air Velocity and Temperature at the same time  Highly Sensitive and accurate  Temperature Sensor Built-in with anemometer fan  Low Power Consumption  Data / Max / Min. Hold[…]

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Reed Pick glass


Reed Pick glass helps in checking the reed pick of the fabric. It also helps in checking the weaving, dyeing & printing defects in the fabric if any is made. B-Tex Engineering[…]

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Pocket Microscope


Illuminated Pocket microscope, 50X-80X power, suitable to working for engineers, tool-maker, quality inspector, field researcher, collector and hobbyist. Useful educational aid for students on field visits. Hand held microscope, ideal for industrial[…]

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Fabric GSM Cutter


This instrument is a circular fabric sample cutter with which a uniform circular fabric is cut without measuring. The specimen which is cut with the help of the Fabric GSM Cutter is[…]

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