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4 Stroke 1 Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig

Product Detail:

Petrol Engine: A Four stroke single cylinder petrol engine (Hero Honda) developing about 2.5 HP at 3000 RPM variable speed with standard accessories
Loading Device: A rope brake arrangement with a brake drum fitted on the engine shaft provided with cooling water arrangement for brake drum. Brake stand arrangement provided with spring balance, a set of dead weights and screw rod with handle wheel. Brake stand arrangement is mounted along with the engine on substantial base plate
Fuel Measuring Arrangement: Consisting of fuel tank, fuel piping from fuel tank to engine, measurement of fuel consumption by a burette and a three way cock connecting tube
Air Intake and Exhaust Gas Measurement: A S.S. tank, mounted on iron stand, fitted with suitable orifice plate, manometer, temperature sensor for measuring the air intake temperature is provided. A temperature sensor is also provided to measure the exhaust gas temperature
Panel board: All the temperature sensor measuring device and manometer are mounted on panel board