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4 Stroke 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig

Product Detail:

Petrol Engine: A Four stroke Four cylinder petrol engine developing about 10.0 HP at 1500 RPM variable speed with standard accessories. Engine is provided with self starter, Battery, dynamo, lubrication oil filter, fuel pump, ignition coil, exhaust silencer, choke control and throttle control. The engine is provided with switches for conducting Morse test
Loading Device: A Hydraulic Dynamo-meter complete with a weighing gear, dead weight in kgm suitable for testing the engine at variable speeds. The engine and hydraulic Dynamo-meter are directly coupled on substantial base plate
Fuel Measuring Arrangement: Consisting of fuel tank, fuel piping from fuel tank to engine, measurement of fuel consumption by a burette and a three way cock connecting tube
Air Intake and Exhaust Gas Measurement: A S.S. tank, mounted on iron stand, fitted with suitable orifice plate, manometer, temperature sensor for measuring the air intake temperature is provided. A temperature sensor is also provided to measure the exhaust gas temperature
Preparation of energy balance for above engine. Exhaust gas calorimeter with temperature sensors, water meter is also provided to plot heat balance sheet. Cooling water arrangement is also provided for measuring the heat carried away by the cooling water consisting of suitable inlet and outlet piping with temperature sensors
Panel board: All the temperature sensor measuring device and manometer are mounted on panel board. It also consists of ignition and starting switch, fuse unit Pilot lamp, throttle control switch, choke control switch, and switch assembly for cutting off each cylinder for conducting Morse tes