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Antilapping_solution Liquimix


We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of Anti lapping Soln. (Liquimix), which is widely used for surface treatment of synthetic rubber cots to prevent lapping problems in textile units. In addition to this, our range is widely appreciated by the clients due to its durability, reliability, corrosion resistance and wear & tear resistance.
Anti lapping Solution is a two component compound. :Solution-1 & Solution -2:
 Mixing ratio: 1:3 (one measure of Solution 1 to three of Solution 2).
 Mixture must be used within 11/12 hours.
 Application: clean and dry the top rollers thoroughly. Mek, ctc or petrol may be used for cleaning. Better results are achieved if application is performed after grinding.
 Clamp the top roller in a slow rotating lathe or a grinding machine and apply Solution with a brush carefully.
 Do not allow droplets to be formed on the surface of top rollers.
 Drying time for Solution treated cots : 8 hours. During this time, do not rest the top rollers on their treated surface
 Wax deposits noticed on cots after a few hours working may be gently wiped off by a soft cloth dipped in carbon tetrachloride or petrol.
Precautionary Measures:
 Solution 1 must only be poured slowly into dry containers to avoid splash.
 Anti lapping Solution must be used in a well ventilated room.
 Always use gloves during application. Gloves are supplied by us.
 Solution 1 reacts aggressively to water, alcohol and ketonic products.
 Store Anti lapping Solution in a cool, dark place.