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Atira Nylo Meter


Draw frame load gauge : Suitable for Draw Frames, Comber, Silver lap, Ribbon Lap & also for Detecting Rollers of Combers It helps decrease Sliver CV%, Strength CV% and count CV% besides improving appreance. It has become a bench mark for spinners aiming for better Uster values. Drawing is the final stage at which the yarn count CV% can be controlled in addition to strength CV% of yarn by controlling the process such as Load settings, etc. Drafting loads vary due to reduced cot sizes, worn out journals, end bushes, eccentric bottom rollers, worn out springs, variations in line pressure, deterioration in pressure exerting hose properties, etc. NILOMETER is used to check & correct Nip Loads of top rollers in following machines : LR DO2SHARA TS 100, LH 10TRUTZSCHLER SHR 900, 1000RSB D30,D35,D40LK 250,LK54LR DO 6HARA CM 100, CM 400TEXMACO HOWA DFK 2CDUNILAP E30,E35TD 03LR E7/4, E7/5HARA VC 250, VC 300CHERRY 500,600,800,DX7ALTRIBBON LAP E4/1LR E7/5ARSB 851, SB2HARA HL 100, SL 100VOUK SH 802E, RD 300 Sliver lap E2/4ZINSER 720 Various adopters available for different makes of top rollers for draw frames, comber, lap former.