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Car Ultrasonic Auto Rodent Repellent


A Car Ultrasonic Auto Rodent Repellent product specially designed to emit high decibel ultrasonic waves between 20 Khz and 50 khz sound variations that can effectively repel rodents from your car. The sound is completely not audible to human ears, so there no chance of you hearing any noise from the car.
Simple Installation:
Connect directly to the battery with provided wire
Low Power Consumption (Just around 1 Unit per month)
Will not affect other automobile parts or engine
Does not make noise which you can hear
Safe with non rodent pets and kids
Power Supply: 12 Volts DC
Maximum Area Coverage: 300 Sq.ft
Power Consumption: Below 60 mW (1 Unit per month)
Ultrasonic Frequency: Above and variation of 20 KHz (Not Audible to Humans)
Weight: 300 Grams
It does not kill: The electronic car repellent creates hostile environment to rodents, and forces them out from your vehicle engine area with sound waves that create intense auditory stress. Since our rodent repealer doesn’t kill the mouse, you never come in contact with dead rat
It is Safe to your automobile: Our electronic repellent will not interfere with other parts or engine functionalities
One time and easy Installing: You need to just install once with a help of mechanic or by yourself if you are familiar with car engine area and parts. (It is recommended to install by a professional.
Power consumption from your battery: The repellent power consumption from your battery is very low, it will not have any undesirable effect by bringing your battery down. The power consumption is 1 Unit per month if it is working continuously
How to Install or Place the Units:
Repellent has to be fixed under the vehicle bonnet area away from the engine. Please check the unit functionality by pressing “Red Button”, you will hear a loud sound
Repellent comes with a warranty of one year against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The unit will be repaired under warranty only if all the usage instructions mentioned above have been followed and the unit is neither tampered with nor damaged in anyway