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CBR Test Apparatus Motorized


CBR Test Apparatus Motorized (SL-GT-057)
IS : 9669, IS : 2720 (Part XVI)
It is used in large road construction projects has increased
considerably in recent years. This apparatus, mounted on a rolled
steel joint cantilevered from the back of the truck or fitted to the
underside of a mobile frame, can be used to determine the bearing
capacity of soils quickly and efficiency. This method of testing in-situ,
using piston penetration, is useful for determining the load carrying
capacity in the field, when the in -place density and water contents
are such that the degree of saturation is 80% or greater. When the
material is coarse grained and cohesionless so that it is not affected b
changes in the water content and when the material has been inplace.
Similar to above but supplied with bench mounting type 5000kgf.
Capacity load frame motorized, in place of load frame hand
operated. The lead screw of the load frame has a single constant rate
of travel of 1.25mm/minute.
Dial Gauge 2 in. travel & 0.001 in division for CBR penetration
measurement, having provision for increasing the dial gaugeplunger
length .Proving ring , 50 kN (5,000kgf) capacity x 0.5. kN/Div
sensitivity/ readability, one with 25 kN capacity x 0.04 kN / div
sensitivity / readability and one with 10 kN capacity x 0.01 kN / div
sensitivity / readability.
Note: Proving Rings of other capacities are also available.