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Complete Analytical Titration System For Wine


Product Detail :

HI 902 is an automatic titrate from Hanna that complements our wide range of products dedicated to quick and accurate laboratory analysis. Each unit is provided with numerous features amenable to routine samples analysis. HI 902 performs acid/base, potentiometer titration
This versatile titrate offers a total of 100 methods: 89 of which can be customized. When powered on, the instrument initiates an internal diagnostics check and then readies itself for the first titration of the day. A large LCD screen clearly shows the chosen method, correlated information and also indicates which parameters may be adjusted. A real-time titration curve is shown on the display; this feature is useful when new methods are tested or when a procedure needs to be optimized. At the end of the titration, all data, including the graph, are automatically stored in memory and can be copied to disk via the built-in floppy drive or through direct connection with the serial cable supplied with the titrate. The device is equipped with an RS485 serial port
The HI 902 has all the features of the HI901 plus the ability to conduct back titration and multiple inflection point titration
Users can connect PH or ORP electrodes to this unit, as well as create a complete workstation with a PC, monitor, keyboard and printer
This unit complies with GLP specifications, providing validation support for analysis. All GLP information from each sample can be stored, including ID number, date and time of analysis, electrode ID code and last calibration date. Up to 100 reports of analysis, complete with titration curve graphing are possible. A calibration “time-out” can be set and the user can be advised when the PH electrode needs to be calibrated
The instrument’s status can be viewed clearly on the large LCD screen. Contained in the set-up menus, features like language, display brightness, resolution, PH electrode calibration, date and hour can be adjusted. During analysis, the titration is displayed in real-time together with the stored data. Date, hour, temperature (when probe is connected) and warning messages, such as an obligatory PH electrode calibration can all be displayed for your convenience
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Wine Analysis: The Hanna HI901 can measure critical parameters in wine such as pH, Free SO2, Total SO2, Total acidity, Volatile acidity, Reducing Sugars, Nitrogen and more
Food and Dairy analysis:The Hanna HI901 can measure pH, Acidity, NaCl, calcium, chloride, SO2, Alkalinity and more
Water Analysis: PH, Alkalinity, Hardness, calcium, Fluoride and more
Pharmaceutical: PH, Acidity, Fluoride, Chloride, Ammonia
Plating: Metals in Alkaline/Silver, Chromium, Zinc, Acids