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Dead Weight Type Oil & Water Constant Pressure System

Dead Weight Type Oil & Water Constant
Pressure System (SL-GT-064)
BS 812

This device is used to maintain cell pressure constant for a long
duration and the system can be used in place of conventional
constant pressure system using mercury pots where certain
minimum heights are required. Problems like de-airation of pump,
leakage of mercury etc. is eliminated in this system . This unit is
smaller in volume and can be used in mobile laboratory also. This can
maintain pressure in the cell upto 20kg/cm sq. Pressure is maintained
constant in the system by a balancing calibrated weights on a spindle
against a column of oil, operating under constant feed back.
CONSTRUCTION : The system consists of an oil pump continuously
driven by an electric motor during the test period. The internal
components are housed in a strong compact housing. The piston on
which weights are kept rotates with minimum friction. A transparent
oil water vessel is provided to transmit pressure to the cell. A hand
pump provided facilitates priming and to maintain constant pressure
during power failure.
SPECIFICATION : Range 0-20 bar(0-20kg/cm2 ), Steps of pressure
0.5bar (0.5kg/cm2 ), Accuracy + 0.5%, Electric supply 230 V, Single
Phase, 50 Hz, A.C. supply., Supplied complete with pressure gauge,
flow valves, connecting pressure, hose and set of weights to give
maximum pressure of 20 bar (20 kg/cm2)