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Dial Gauss Meter


Dial Gauss Meter
India offer best anlog field strength indicator or magnetic field strength Indicator. Magnetometer is a pocket size do not require battery. Gauss meter used to detect magnetism after demagnetizing. It has a scale of positive and negative polarity in small divisions reading in gauss, 10-0-10 or 20-0-20 or 50- 0-50. Gauss meter can be used to detect DC magnetic fields in steel and iron objects.Gauss meter is used to test a variety of metal objects around the home to see if they have been magnetised due to stray voltage in the air. Simply place the tester near to or against the object being tested and the needle will indicate any present magnetism and its polarity. Gauss meter is very popular in pipe mills, offshore and welding inspection of pipelines.
Calibrated in true gauss with high accuracy
Available in numerous full scale readings with jewelled movement
Large 2-1/2″ face for easy reading
High stability magnets ensuring long life
Placed in a helmholtz standard the readings for accurate readings
Optional padded cases available
NIST traceable long form certs available
Customer transfer standards available
10-0-10 Gaussmeter
20-0-20 Gaussmeter