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Digital Motor Checker


We offer a wide range of digital motor checker which
is used to detect any electrical fault that may lead to reduced machine
performance, inefficient operation or tripping of overloads. This equipment is
advantageous over conventional checkers as it does not require dismantling of
machine and is used for:
Insulation resistance(IR) measurement Resistance measurement Inductance measurement Identify open and short circuits / loose connections in a winding coil Identify intertern shorts Detect rotor bar problems without dismounting the rotor Inductance of the winding with respect to different positions for rotor for Simple operation, accurate & quick assessment of motor condition To check quality and condition of motors that have to be installed
Equipped with three separate operating modes, this machine
is used to measure different types of faults such as like fully insulation,
open circuits / loose connections, short circuits and rotor defects. Motor
insulation is tested with a high voltage of 500V & 1000V DC supplied by the
instrument and it consist of some standards accessories such as Test leads –1
set , Shoulder strap, Carry case, cells 6nos. The machine is also
available with rechargeable cells and charger optional accessories.

Manually and calibration certified, this equipment is known
to possess following technical specifications:
Analog Motor Checker
We offer a wide range of electric motor checker which is a portable diagnostic tool and is widely used for rapid checking of electric three-phase machines. Any electrical fault could lead to inefficient operation or tripping of overloads, reduced machine performance. In such cases EMC-25 is a perfect tool for detecting the fault without dismantling the equipment. These electric motor checker is also used for quality checking of stored motors before they are being installed.
Having three separate operating modes, these can measure different types of fault caused by:
Faulty insulation Open circuits Loose connections Short circuits Rotor defects
While installation, motor is tested with a high voltage of 500V DC supplied by the instrument and possess following specifications: Technical Specifications:
Insulation Resistance ± 5%
0-20 Megohms at 500 VDC, max.
current 0.25mA
Resistance ± 2%
0-60 ohms in 6 ranges (0.2 ohms
F.S.D. in range 6