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Digital Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus


Digital Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus (SL-GT-072)
IS-2720 (Part-XII) and BS-1377.
LabTek Digital Triaxal is totally automated stress path system for soils
and conforms to the test requirements of All the modules namely
load frame, confining pressure, back pressure, pore pressure or
volume change are totally controlled by the dedicated computer.
Once the specimen is assembled in the triaxial cell, required
parameters like strain rate, confining pressure and back pressure are
programmed through the computer. Controlling and data
acquisition is supported by window based software. It can perform
tests under the following conditions:
1.Shear in UC, UU, CU, CU & CD
2.Stress path triaxial test
3.K0 consolidation and swelling test (optional) Detailed
specifications of the individual modules are given as under:
1. Load Frame
It is a two-pillar type load frame that can accommodate triaxial cell
up to 100mm dia specimen. Rate of strain is precisely controlled
through micro stepper motor of fractional horsepower operating at
220volts, 50 Hz single phase supply (other voltages optional).
i) Capacity of the load frame : 50 kN
ii) Rate of strain: 0.00001 – 9.9999 mm/min
iii) Travel : 100 mm Limit switches and L.E.D are incorporated in the hardware to arrest the travel limits and also to indicate the
direction of movement (up/down).
2. Triaxial Cells
Selection could be made from wide range of triaxial cells, they are
light weight cells. Transfer bar (loading ram) passes through linear
bearing making it almost friction free. Base has four no-volume
change valves one each for back pressure/pore pressure, confining
pressure and top drainage. Specimen size : 38/50mm diameter
Accessories: As standard the following accessories are supplied
along with the Triaxial Cell: -Sheath Stretcher, Porous Stones, Plain
Discs, Top drainage Cap, Rubber membranes (Pack of 10) and ‘O’-
(Universal Triaxial cells)
Confining Pressure : 1700 kPa
Specimen size:
38 mm dia x 76 mm high
50 mm dia x 100 mm high
75 mm dia x 150 mm high
100 mm dia x 200 mm high
Standard accessories include, Sheath Stretchers, Rubber
membranes (Pack of 10), ‘O’- Rings, Porous stones, plain discs and
top caps.