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Dissolved Oxygen Meters


This heavy duty dissolved oxygen meter is ideal for testing water, in labs, industrial and municipal waste water, aquariums, fish hatcheries, and environmental applications. Displays dissolved oxygen (mg/l), oxygen in air (%), and temperature (C/F). Meter uses remote polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor. The meter also monitors oxygen in air for indoor air quality and confined space applications. Features automatic temperature compensation. Dissolved oxygen can be read in either mg/L or % oxygen in air, and temperature in °C or °F. Both oxygen and temperature readings are simultaneously displayed.
Measures dissolved oxygen, oxygen, plus temperature Min/Max/Avg, Data Hold, Auto power off
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Large 13mm LCD display
Built-in RS-232 PC interface with optional Data Acquisition Software and Datalogger
General Specifications
Circuit Custom one-chip LSI microprocessor circuit
Display Dual function 0.5″ (13 mm) 1999 count LCD w/ contrast adjust
Measurements Dissolved O2: mg/l (milligrams per liter); Oxygen in air: %;
Temperature: °C/°F
Data hold Data hold key freezes displayed reading
Sensor Structure Remote Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Temperature sensor: Precision thermistor
Data recording Min/Max/Avg readings stored for later recall
Auto power off Meter turns off after 10 minutes
Sample rate 0.4 Sec (approx.)
Data Output RS 232 PC serial interface
Operating conditions Temperature: 32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C); Humidity: < 80% RH Battery power 9V alkaline battery Power Consumption Approx. 6.6 mA DC Weight 0.74 lbs. / 335 g (including batteries & probe) Dimensions Main instrument: 7.1 x 2.8 x1.3" (180 x 72 x 32mm) Probe: 4.9" x 0.8" length/diameter (125 x 20mm) Accessories Carrying case, 9V battery, and 5 membranes Optional accessories Membranes, data acquisition software & RS232 interface cable Electrical Specifications Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy Dissolved Oxygen 0.0 - 19.9 mg/L 0.1mg/L + 0.4 mg/L Oxygen in air 0 - 100% O2 0.1 % O2 + 0.7% O2 Temperature (probe only) 32 to 122 oF 0 to 50 oC 0.1oF/C ±1.5 oF + 0.8 oC Temperature (automatic) 32 to 122 oF (0 to 50oC) Salt 0 to 39% (1% = ppt) Compensation adjustments Altitude 0 to 3900 meters