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Ferrous & Non Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge


Ferrous & Non Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
The coating thickness gauges work either on the magnetic induction principle or on the eddy current principle, depending on the type of probe used. You can select the type of probe via menu system, or it will work automatically.
Measured coatings: Non-magnetic coatings(e.g. paint, zinc) on steel
Insulating coatings (e.g. paint, anodizing coatings) no non –ferrous metals
Operating with menu easily
Two measuring mode: Continue and Single Mode
Two working mode: Direct and group mode (4 groups)
Statistic Display: AVG, MAX, MIN, NO.,S.DEV
One point calibrating and two points Calibrating independently for each working mode
Zero calibrating easily
Memory for 320 readings (80 for each group)
Delete single readings and all group readings easily
High alarm and Low alarm for all working mode
Low battery, error indication
USB interface for PC analysis software
Disable Auto-power-off function via menu setting
Description of the gauge:
For measurement on steel substrates, the gauge works on the magnetic induction principle, for measurement on non-ferrous metal substrates; it works on the eddy current principle
Measurement values and user information are shown on LCD; A display back ensures easy reading of screen date in dark conditions
Two different operating modes are available: direct mode E and Group mode
Direct mode is recommended for simple, quick, occasional measurements. It provides statistical analysis. Single values are not saved. The statistical analysis program can evaluate 80 readings
Group mode permits measurement and storage of readings in a free programmable memory. A maximum of 400 readings and 4 series of measurements can be analyzed according to various statistical criteria
Standard Accessories:
Gauge with two 1.5 V battery, plastics carrying case, operating instructions (English), steel and aluminum substrate
USB connecting cable
Program disc for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
The Probe systems are spring-mounted in the probe sleeve. This ensures safe and stable positioning of the probe and constant contact pressure. A V-groove in the sleeve of the probes facilitates reliable readings on small cylindrical parts. The hemispherical tip of the probe is made of hard and durable material.