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Flow Meter


Direct Digital Readout
Microcontroller Based
Highly Accurate and Fast
Useful for measuring any gas flow specially in G.C.
Easy to operate
Free of personal errors
FCRI Certified

1) Range
Flow 20 – 5 cc/min to 500 cc/min
Flow 21 – 0.5 cc/min to 45 cc/min
Flow 22 – 200 cc/min to 2000 cc/min
2) Accuracy
± 2% of Reading, ± 1 digit
3) Power Supply
230V AC, 50Hz, 2W
4) Resolution
0.1 cc for SF 20
0.01cc for SF 21
1 cc for SF 22
5) Dimensions
27cm (H) x 13cm (W) x 10cm (D)


The FLOW 20 is based on the classical method viz. soap film method. The instrument is automated by using Microcontroller which provides highly accurate measurement and direct digital read out of gas flow rate. The time required for the soap film to pass through a fixed known volume is measured. The soap film is sensed by IR sensors. When the soap film passes through first sensor, it activates the timer of Microcontroller. Timer is stopped when the film crosses the second sensor. The flow rate is then calculated by Microcontroller  and instantly displayed in cc/min.