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Lateral Pressure Assembly 10kg/cm2

Lateral Pressure Assembly 10kg/cm2
It is designed for application of cell pressure upto 10kg/cm on a
triaxial specimen in the triaxial cell. The unit is mostly used in routine
tests which last for about 10 to 15 minutes wherein the variations of
cell pressure can be tolerated.
Specification: The apparatus consists of a pressure chamber which
has a flanged top 2 cap fitted with a 10 kg/cm . Pressure gauge and a
valve for pumping in air. Water inlet and drain cock are fitted to the
chamber. 2 The foot pump supplied easily develops a pressure of 10
kg/cm2 Complete with connecting pressure hose.
Lateral Pressure Assembly 20kg/cm2
Same as above but suitable to develop pressure upto 20kg/cm fitted
with suitable pressure gauge.