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Moisture Analysis Balance


Detailed Product Description:
Moisture Balance 
*Halogen Lamp heating,LCD 
*100g/1mg/0.01% or 50g/0.1mg/0.01% 
Halogen-lamp Moisture Balance
Moisture Analyzer widely used in
-Industrial applications
-Agriculture applications
-Laboratory applications
Some typical applications are: Tobacco, Paper, Food,Tea, Corn, Flour,Powders,Chemical, Raw Materials, Pharmaceutical and Textile Material etc.
Moisture Analysis Balance
To determine the percentage composition of water content in any substance such as Food products, Drugs, Cosmetics, Cream, Soap ,and all where you want to find the water content analysis.
Moisture Balances (0.001 g – 220 g) made available by us are backed with latest operational technology and features option of display of time, temperature, weight and percentage moisture. Other than this, these balances also feature graphical backlight LCD option for displaying setup parameters, testing parameters and results derived. Also coming with standard bi-directional RS-232 interface, these feature 10 programmable memory and other features that ensure easy as well as fast determination of moisture content.
Working Specifications :
Easy & Fast Moisture Determination
3 types of Testing Methods: Manual, Time Programmable, Automatic
Weighing based on EMFC technique
Halogen lamp heating
Temperature range up to 2000C (1°C)
Moisture range: 0.05% to 100%
Moisture measurement: Unit- % wet base; % dry base dry weight; % dry to wet weight
Display of time, temperature, weight & percentage moisture
Graphical backlight LCD for displaying setup parameters, testing parameters & results
Standard bi-directional RS-232 interface
Data storage up to 50 tests
10 programmable memory
Study of Pattern of Moisture loss by printing/display on-screen online data-elapsed time, present sample weight and moisture loss
Elapsed time interval can be programmed -10,20,30,60 & 120 seconds
Moisture Content :
Accuracy: 0.05% for sample above 5g
0.1% for sample below 5g
Resolution: 0.1%
Power  Supply                                               :           AC Adapter 220V or 50-60 HZ
  Easy to read VFD Display ((Vacuum Fluorescent display).
  Based on E.M.F.C. Technology.
  Halogen Heating Systems.
  Temperature Range upto 2000 C
  Optional Standard RS 232 C interface.
  The mode for testing Automatic, Timing, Manual.
  Product instroduction:
It is the newest product .  the newest heat-resistant set makes the instrument fit the requirementsof LAB; large LCD with LED can give you more information about measuring. In-novative operation interface and clear function performing makes the operationmore convenient, light and handy outline needs little space, and can be carried easily.High cost performance will make itself the first selected produce by customer.
  Feature:
large LCD with LED display. Picture display about measuring. High precision heat-resistant sensor. Halogen lamp heating.
Measure moisture quickly from sample such as chemical raw material, grain, mineral, biological, food, pharmacy raw material, paper, weave raw material and so on. Different heating means and different measuring means can be selected to work automatically. It can be connected with PC or Printer by RS232.