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Motorized Gyroscope


The figure shown the Motorized Gyroscope consisting of a disc rotor mounted on a horizontal shaft which rotates in the ball bearings of the horizontal frame about XX axis.


Experimental justification of the equation T = 1 w. wp for calculating the gyroscopic couple by observation and measurement of results for independent vibrations in applied couple T and precession wp
To study the gyroscopic effect of a rotating disc
Observation of gyroscopic effect of rotating disc

Utilities Required:

Electric supply: 230 V AC, Single Phase
Bench area: 1 m x 1 m


The rotor shaft is coupled to the motor which is mounted on a trunnion frame with bearings in the yoke frame
Which is free to rotate about its vertical axis YY
The disc rotor can rotate about three perpendicular axis
The rate of precession can be measured with the help of the angular scale and the pointer fitted to the frame
In steady position, the horizontal frame is balanced by providing a weight on the opposite side of the motor
The yoke frame is free to rotate about the axis ZZ
Thus, freedom of rotation about three perpendicular axis is given to the rotor