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ORP Meter


ORP Meter
ORP (oxidation reduction potential, also known as redox) measurement is used to indicate the presence of oxidizing or reducing conditions in water. This technology has gained recognition worldwide and is found to be a reliable indicator of bacteriological water quality. Some applications for ORP or redox measurement include chlorine testing, bleaching operations, estimation of bacteria kill times, or reduction of chromate wastes. For example: with a value of 600mV, the life of E.Coli in water is about 2 minutes; with a value of 700, the bacteria is killed in seconds. This handheld ORP meter is designed for the field, combining accurate electronics and a rugged, field-ready design.
ORP measurement from -999 to 999mV with a resolution of 1mV, +/-4mV accuracy.
Automatic electronic self-calibration and data validation.
Simulated analog bargraph display of ORP reading change.
Waterproof floating case
Display: Multifunction LCD with Bargraph
Operating conditions: 32 to 122?((0 to 50?))/<80% RH ORP Range/Accuracy:  ±999mV /±4mV Measurement storage: 15 tagged (numbered) readings Power: Four (4) CR2032 button batteries Low battery indication: ‘BAT’ appears on the LCD Auto power off: After 10 minutes of inactivity