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Pinless Moisture Meter


The Pinless Moisture Meter is a electronic dampness indicator with a measurement process working on the principle of high frequency measurement. It is a portable handheld device that operated with a 9V battery and contains a backlit display to better show the readings in darker environments.
To operate this device, point the device to the media to measure making sure that is 90° in relation to what is being measured. Press the MEAS key and the device will automatically display the according reading. After releasing the MEAS button, the device will display HOLD. This will hold the last measurement that has been taken with the DT-128.
To reset the reading, press and release the MEAS button and the meter will re-start from 0.
A maximum and minimum function button has been added to the features of this device in order to keep the measurements within a certain range. To use this function, press the MAX/MIN button while taking a reading and the MAX icon will appear on the display; press it again and the MIN icon will appear on the LCD display. The device will become tracking the minimum and maximum range to be measured. To exit the range functionality press the MAX/MIN button for two seconds or more and the device will work without any range.
The Pinless Moisture Meter has got a metal spheroid sensor with a depth penetration of about 20-40mm and weights 180g.
Range: 0 to 100;
Resolution: 1 digit;
Accuracy: ± 2% of reading;
Power: 1 x 9V PP3 Alkaline Battery (ALR-61);
Dimensions: 280 x 45 x 33mm;
Weight: 300g;