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Rapid Response Rain Gauge


Rapid Response Rain Gauge
Rapid Response Rain Gauge collects rainwater through a standard 100 sq.cm rain collector and then converts this continuously into drops of equal size. These drops are detected by a drop sensor. The rate at which the drops are formed is a function of the rate of rainfall. A crystal time base integrates these drop counts. The time base can be selected to be 10 seconds or one minute. The rate of rainfall is computed from this count by a built in microprocessor and displayed on Liquid Crystal display. A printer output is provided, a proportional voltage output is also provided at the back panel.
Sensor Collector area of 100 sq.cm FRP shell with rim in cast alloy (gun metal)
Sensor mechanism Drop forming system made of stainless steel
Drop sensing Resistive with preamplifier
Maximum range 300 mm/hr
Electronics a) Sampling time: 10 sec/60 sec switch selectable
b) 2 line LCD for indicating values and time
c) Key board for time setting and display selection
d) Selection of intensity/drop count for display
e) Intensity computed internally from drop count
f) Calibration facility provided
g) Audiovisual indication of drops
h) Analog output proportional to intensity for strip chart recording
i) Provision to connect external printer or memory module
Power 220 V AC +/- 10% with 12 V DC backup battery