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Relative Density Test


Relative Density Test (SL-GT-038)
IS 2720 (PART XIV), ASTM D 4253 & ASTM D 4254
The equipment is used for the determination of the relative density
of cohesion less free draining soils and meets the essential
Specification :
The equipment consists one each of: Vibratory table, with a
cushioned steel vibrating decks about 75cm x 75cm. It has a
frequency of approximately 3600 vibratory table, minute under a
11.5kg load. Amplitude is variable in between 0.65mm in step of
0.05 to 0.25mm, 0.25 to 0.45 mm and 0.45 to 0.65mm. Suitable for
operations on 415V, Three Phase supply. Cylindrical metal unit
weight mould, 3000ml. Capacity.Guide sleeve with clamp assembly.
Surcharges base plate for mould. Handle for surcharge base plate.
Surcharge weight. The total weight together with surcharge base
plate and handle is equipment to 140 kg. /sq. cm. For mould.
Cylindrical metal unit weight mould 15000 ml. capacity. (Total
weight together with the above mould & surcharge weight is
equivalent to 140 kg./sq. cm) dial gauge 0.01mm x 50mm travel.
Extension piece 25mm for dial gauge.