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Semi Automatic Compactor


Semi Automatic Compactor (SL-GT-017)
Now a days almost every soil laboratory conducts compaction and
penetration tests on soils. In both standard and heavy compaction
tests the operator has to count the number of blows of the rammer
on each layer of soil during compaction. A mechanically cum
electrically operated semi-automatic compactor is therefore deviced
to eliminate hand compaction process. Which also considerably
saves time with the Rammers provided two stroke lengths, available,
the compactor can be used for normal compaction/heavy
compaction as well as C.B.R compaction.
Specification :
It is a motor driven mechanical compactor useful for soil compaction
into 100mm or 150mm diameter moulds. Two sets of Rammers are
provided, one of 2.6 kg and arranged for 310mm drop and other
4.89kg and arranged for 450mm drop. For compaction soil into
150mm dia moulds, 100mm face dia Rammers having weight 2.6kg
and 4.89kg are used. Where as for 100mm dia moulds they are of
50mm dia. The rammer assembly is provided with a ratchet and pawl
arrangement to lift it from the top of the soil layer. When the rammer
ratchet and pawl arrangement to lift it from the top of the soil layer.
When the rammer reaches the required height the pawl release the
rammer which falls freely on soil surface. The release mechanism is
operated by an arm moving up and down which is connected to a
reduction gear coupled to the motor through another arm. An
automatic blow counter fitted to the compactor is used to set the
number of blows. The base plate of the specimen mould is to be
fitted to the rotating base plate of the instrument which marks 1/5”
revolution per stroke. The equipment is suitable for operation on
230 Volts, 50 cycles, Single Phase, A.C. Supply moulds are to be
ordered separately.