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Static Cone Penetrometer, 30KN (300KGF) Capacity, Hand Operated

Static Cone Penetrometer, 30KN (300KGF)
Capacity, Hand Operated (SL-GT-073)
IS 4968 (Part III)
Static cone penetration test is internationally recognized as a
standard field test to collect data about bearing capacity and
frictional resistance of soil.
Static C one Test is unsatiable e fo r gravelly soils. The Static Cone
resistance is correlated with the ‘N’ value as obtained from standard
penetration test, thus incr easing the utility of the test.
The drive is by means of a rack and pinion manually through a
gearing arrangement. The gear box and pinion are fixed on two
handles, sprockets and chain arrangement. The movement of the
rack is guided by a bracket ( attached to the rack) and two pillars. The
penetration resistance i.e. the pressure is indicated on hydraulic
gauges through a hydraulic measuring head. Two pressure gauges
of 15cm dia dial and 2 capacities 0-160kg/cm are provided. An
automatic cut-off valve, to protect the low capacity gauge from
being overloaded is provided. The 2 valve can be adjusted and locked
at desirable values between 20 to 60cm . A provision is made to
anchor the unit to the ground (with the help of four anchors supplied
with the unit) and there is a provision for lateral 2 movement of the
unit so that subsequent tests could be performed without shifting
the entire anchorage. A 10cm penetration cone with friction jacket is
provided along with fifteen mantle tubes (non-uniform having an
effective length of 1 m each with sounding rods for finding out the
cone (point) resistance or jacket friction.
It consists of :
?Penetration Cone, steel 60 angle 10cm base area with friction
jacket One
?Mantle Tube, non-uniform , 36mm OD at the two ends and
reduced dia in between with sounding rod working length 1mfifteen.
?Load Measuring Head, with Automatic Cut off valve and Oil Can,
without Pressure Gauge One
?Pressure Gauge, 0-60kg/cm One
? 2 Pressure Gauge, 0-160kg/cm One
? Screw Anchor , with Bolt Four
? Anchor Driving Handle One
? T-Rod One
? Spanner One
?Extension Pipe 0.5m long for Anchor Driving Handle Four
Note : Uniform dia mantle tubes can be ordered at extra cost.
Optional Extra
?Mantle Tube, 36mm uniform OD with Sounding Rod, working
length 1 m