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Static Cone Penetrometer Capacity 100KN (10,000KGF) (Engine Driven)


Static Cone Penetrometer Capacity 100KN
(10,000KGF) (Engine Driven) (SL-GT-074)
IS 4968 (PART III)
For reaching greater depths and to facilitate easy and constant rate
of penetration 1 to 2.5cm/sec of the cone this engine-driven Static
Cone Penetrometer of 100 KN (10,000 Kgf) capacity is preferable.
The equipment consists of a hydraulic pump driven by a Diesel
Engine. The whole system is mounted on a tow able trolley fitted
with pneumatic wheels. The pumping unit and ram are connected
by means of flexible pipes through a direction control valve. The
hydraulic ram moves on a two pillar stand mounted on a trolley.
Complete With The Following :
?Penetration Cone, steel 60 cone angle, 10cm2 base area, with
friction jacket One
?Mantle Tube, 36mm uniform OD with sounding Rod working
length 1 m Thirty
?Load Measuring Head, with Automatic cut-off valve, and oil can
without pressure gauges. One
?Pressure Gauge, 0-600 x 5 kg/cm One
?Pressure Gauge, 0 100 x 1kg/cm One
?Trusses Two
?Screw Anchor 45 cm Six
?Screw Anchor 30 cm Six
?Screw Anchor 20 cm Six
?Screw Anchor Rod with cone Six
?Driving handle for Screw Anchor One
?Extension Pipe for Handle Four
?Clamping Screw with Nuts Six
?Extractor Tube with Connector One
?Tarpaulin Cover One
Split Spoon Sampler (SL-GT-075)
IS 2131-1963, IS 9640-1980
This is used for standard penetration test for determining
penetration resistance (N valve) of soil which can be related to
unconfined compressive strength. Penetration resistance (N value) of
soil is determined by giving a number of blows with a 65 kgs weight
falling through a given distance of 75cm required to penetrate the
assembly to a depth of 30 cm when properly seated on the ground.
The sampler is made from a steel tube split length wise & held
together by a head fitted with a ball check valve & a hardened steel
shoe in size cutting edge of 35mm dia. The sampler is 35mm i.d. &
50.8mm in outer dia & 508mm long. One adopter to connect ‘A’
type drill rods is also supplied.
Spares : Body of split spoon sampler, shoe of split spoon sampler,
head of split spoon sampler.