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Thermal Imager


We are renowned distributor of Thermal Imager that is used for recording temperature at each point of the image. It provides recording of image in jpg format. These imager comprises simple and clear menu and can be customized in two different languages. Our vendors manufacture these imager in strict compliance with international norms and standards. These imagers are easy to use and are appreciated for its user-friendly nature worldwide.

Special Features:

A fully radiometric camera

Auto Focus (manual focus also available)

Recording real image

Infra fusion technology viewing a combined real and infrared image for effective locating of the measurement place

Video PAL/NTSC output to connect an external display or a recording unit and perform monitoring in real time

Easily navigable even for beginners

Power supply: Standard AA rechargeable cells or batteries, built-in charger

Image refreshing rate: 30 times per second

Vibration and shock resistant stable

Sharp images without a tripod

Recording of 1-minute voice comment for each image

AGT diaphragm and lens cover in one

8 color palettes available

Built-in laser sight

3.6 LCD display

Large memory capacity

Water and dust proof casing