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Triaxial Setup

Triaxial Setup
Triaxial setup has different main components. These components are
selected to complete the setup. In the following pages specifications
are given of each components. Main component requirement for
this test are:
I) Load Frame
ii) Triaxial Cell
iii) Lateral Pressure Assembly
iv) Measuring Unit
Load Frames
Load frame is essential equipment for carrying out Unconfined
Compression, CBR and Triaxial Shear Tests. Since very slow rates of
strains are required for Triaxial Shear Tests LabTek load frame are
made to suit the same. A suitable frame can be selected from a wide
range of LabTek series of Load frames depending upon the type of
test and the size of sample. Each load frame is provided with a
standard proving ring adaptor having ½” BSF male threads to suit
LabTek range.
Load Frame, Hand operated, 50 kN (SL-GT-065)
The load frame is designed for a maximum load of 5000 kgf. It
consists of a screw jack mounted in a reversible channel frame,
which can be used for loading from top to bottom and vice versa.