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Universal Extractor (Screw Type)


Universal Extractor (Screw Type) (SL-GT-040)
ASTM D 698 , BS 598:107
Designed to extract specimens from almost every type of sampling
tube and mould used in solid engineering laboratory or in the field. It
can be mounted vertically or horizontally as desired. It has an unique
feature that three 38mm dia sample.
SPECIFICATION: Comprises of a frame designed for screw jack
operation, one each of the adaptors for 38mm, 75mm, 100mm,
150mm dia meter specimens and a stand to obtain simultaneously
three 38mm diameter samples from one 100mm diameter sample.
The adaptor plate which slides along the slotted support can be
claimed at any desired position by means of locking nuts. Besides
this, the tube or mould can be held in position by raising the tube
guides and held in position with locking screws. The lead screw
movement can be stopped at any predetermined position by
tightening the lead screw collar. Plunger adaptor for 200mm dia
samples. Adaptor plate with 200mm dia hole and device to extract b
number 38mm dia samples.