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Universal Governor Apparatus


The drive unit consists of a DC electric motor connected through belt and pulley arrangement. Motor and test set up are mounted on a M.S. fabricated frame. The governor spindle is driven by motor through V belt and is supported in a ball bearing. The optional governor mechanisms can be mounted on spindle. Digital speed is controlled by the electronic control unit. A rpm indicator with sensor to determine the speed. A graduated scale is fixed to the sleeved and guided in vertical direction. The center sleeve of the porter and pro-ell governors incorporates a weight sleeve to which weights may be added. The Hartwell governor provides means of varying spring rate and initial compression level and mass of rotating weight. This enables the Hartwell governor to be operated as a stable or unstable governor.The unit is designed to exhibit the characteristics of the spring loaded governor and dead weight governor.


DC Motor with drive : ½ HP motor & DC drive control for speed variation.
Separate linkages for governor arrangements mentioned above are provided using same motor and base
Speed measurement is done by digital rpm indicator sleeve displacement is to be noted on the scale provided. Variable speed control unit is provided with the apparatus


Watt Governor
Porter Governor
Pro ell Governor
Spring Loaded Governor