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Universal Vibration Apparatus


Universal Vibration Apparatus is useful to study various experiments and to verify the principles and relations pertaining to study of vibrations. In this apparatus frame and stand made out of thick M.S.channels are provided for conducting various experiments related to vibration. While designing special care is taken for quick and easy assembly and dismantling of experimental setups. Digital RPM Indicator is provided for measuring speed of the exciter unit.


Pendulum Experiments
Longitudinal Experiments
Torsional Experiments

Scope of Supply:

Universal Frame and stand made out of thick M.S.Channel with powder coating for longer life of the unit
Control Panel consisting of Dimmer stat, Digital RPM Indicator and ON/OFF, switches and fuses
D.C. variable speed motor ( F.H.P.) with exciter unit fixed on the shaft of the motor
Single Pen ordinary type Strip Chart Recorder (for recording vibrations)
Damper with arrangement for changing damping
Pen holder and descender assembly for plotting the graph of damping torque vs., depth of damping
Disc – 3 Nos. for conducting rotor system experiments
Chucks for gripping wires in simple and compound pendulum and rotor system experiments
Spring steel beam – 2 Nos. for conducting longitudinal vibrations
Spring steel shaft for compound pendulum