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Ve Bee Consistometer VBCM VT 143


Ve Bee Consistometer

IS 1199 & BS EN 12350.
The instrument is used for work ability as well as consistency of fresh
concrete. A slump Cone and a graduated rod supplied with the
instrument helps the operator to find out slump values and vibration
table with container and acrylic disc is used to find out work ability of
concrete expressed in Vee Bee degrees, which is defined as the time
in seconds to complete required vibrating at which the fresh
concrete flows out sufficiently to come in contract of the entire face
of acrylic disc.
Specification : The equipment consists of : A vibrating table size
380mm long and 260mm wide, resting upon elastic support at a
height of about 305mm above the floor, complete with Start/Stop
switch, cord and plug. A holder is fixed to the base in to which a
swivel arm is telescoped with funnel and guide swivel arm is also
detachable from the vibrating table. The divisions of scale on the rod
record the slump of the concrete in millimeters. Supplied complete
with a sheet metal container with lifting handles which can easily be
fixed to the vibrating table. A slump cone open at both ends with
lifting handles and a tamping rod of size 16mm dia and 600mm long
rounded at both ends.