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Waterproof Chlorine Meter


Waterproof Chlorine Meter
Direct reading of total chlorine for fast and easy measurement 
Chlorine Meter
Direct reading of total chlorine for fast and easy measurements
Use dissolved in-solution reagent tablets for direct measurements
Low detection limit down to 0.01 ppm
Wide dynamic range of measurement up to 10 ppm (use dilution method for 10 to 50 ppm)
Unaffected by sample color or turbidity
Automatic electronic calibration
Memory stores, tags, and recalls up to 15 readings
Unique flat surface chlorine electrode
Waterproof to IP67 standard
LCD simultaneously displays ppm of total chlorine and temperature plus analog bargraph indicator
Includes meter, flat surface chlorine electrode, reagent tablets (50 tests), protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four 3V CR-2032 batteries, and 48 in (1.2 m) neckstrap
Display:    Multifunction LCD with Bargraph
Operating conditions:   32 to 122° (0 to 50°) and <80% RH Chlorine range:    0.01 to 10.00 ppm (Total Chlorine) Chlorine accuracy:   0.05 to 5.00 ppm: ±(10%reading+0.01ppm) 5.00 to 10.00 ppm; ±(15% reading+0.05ppm) Temperature:   23 to 194° (-5 to 90°) Measurement range Temperature range:  32 to 122° (0 to 50°) For Chlorine Measurement Temp. Resolution:  0.1° up to 99.9 then 1° Temp. Accuracy:  ±1.8°  (1°) from 23 to 122° (-5 to 50°);     ±5.4° (3°)from 122 to 194° (50 to 90°) Measurement storage:  15 readings can be stored and recalled Low battery indication:  ‘BAT’ appears on the LCD Power:    Four CR2032 button batteries Auto power off:  Automatically turns off after 10 minutes after the last key press