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Survey Instruments

Ranging Rod Made of Steel Conduit Pipe

This product is made with fine-grade galvanized iron by employing cutting-edge technology in strict compliance with international quality standards. Offered range is available in different lengths, thickness and widths; Ranging Rod Made[…]

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Liquid Prismatic Compas LPC VT 160

Liquid Prismatic Compas LPC VT 160 This product is well-equipped with brass or aluminum metal circular box, having a diameter of 100/125 mm. Offered range is extremely magnetized needle on a hard[…]

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South Automatic Level SAL VT 163

Features: Magnetically-damped compensator Exclusive closed magnetic field Reflector-type circular vial observation Specifications: Model NL20 NL22 NL24 NL26 NL28 NL30 NL32 Standard Deviation for 1 Km Double Run Leveling 2.5 mm 2.5 mm[…]

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Electromagnetic Field Tester with Separate Probe

Specifications: 3.½ Digit LCD display Range: 20/200/2000 micro Tesla, 200/2000/20000 micro Milli-Gauss Accuracy: (23 + 5 C) Sampling Time: Approx. 0.4 sec, Battery: 9 V DC Power Current: Approx. DC 2 mA[…]

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Digital Theodolite DT VT 156

Features : Affordable Easy to use Flexible Specifications: Various display modes Hold and set zero for horizontal angle A variation of measurement units Simple distance measurement Easy operation with only six keys

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